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Game and RuneReview – Hammerwatch and Faster Combat

Double update this Wednesday! Since I fell behind, I decided to put the Runescape and game reviews together in one big fat entry.

First is Hammerwatch! A roguelike dungeon crawler, you choose your class, ranging from a Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and others and try to meet with your companions that are stranded on the other side of a bridge that goes out at the beginning of the game. You roam around the dungeon, murdering everything you run into, collecting keys to open doors, and coins to eventually upgrade your stats or abilities. You can also collect vendor coins which actually make purchases cheaper, which will help a lot in future purchases.


And now for the RuneReview! Combat got updated to be more responsive and less laggy. After talking to some of my clanmates and some in Twitterscape, I’ve gotten mixed reviews on what they think. For myself, I think that the update did a lot better, I use Revolution primarily and it is seamless in moving from one ability to another. Now I still need to use a familiar with this and try it as well, but just from the combat stance, it’s very nice. As for the aggressive monsters, I haven’t tested them yet, but it’s good that some of the more arrr monsters are menacing again.


College and the Future

This came to me earlier today while I was working on some coursework for the first week of my new class. Typically my classes run for five weeks, and each week we read over selected reading portions, answer discussion questions to participate, and do individual and team assignments. For the most part I can handle it all, even the team parts when some of them don’t quite work with you when you need them to. But nearing the end of my program, this class’s first individual assignment was a survey of the program itself. I filled it out as I felt, and thought about a couple of the questions.

Some asked do I think I am prepared to do these functions outside in the world, or have they taught me enough to do so. I feel they have done quite a bit, but the problem is I’m more of a face-to-face learner, never was much for the online portion. Especially by the fact that I’m bad at keeping motivated to keep up with my work and other aspects. I have the knowledge, but not so much as the actual application in the real world itself. I worry that even though I know about everything, I won’t be able to use it as well when I try to work with jobs or other places involving my field. It may be just one of those “roll with the punches” kind of moments, but I’m hoping that it does work smoothly. I don’t want all of what I’ve done to be for naught because I don’t know it enough.

At any rate, I’m still studying away and trying to understand it all, and still gunning for a job that relates to it so I can put it to some good use, so lets hope all that falls into place sooner rather than later!

RuneReview – Flash Demon Mobs Revamp

The Flash Demons got a slight upgrade to their power and loot capabilities, but thus far, they must be misers because from all of the ones I’ve fought I haven’t had much luck yet XD. Now that’s not to say I won’t get anything (although even though I did them before and haven’t gotten much…), but I’ll still try, one of those titles would be awesome to have I think :D.

If anyone is curious on fighting them, I wouldn’t mind joining some groups so we can take’em down together, strength in numbers and all that :P. If you would, just message me in-game, and we’ll get’em!

Sharing Your Adventure Log

You can send your Adventure Log to Twitter to show off your achievements even if you don’t post them yourself. It’s not very difficult to do, and just requires your Adventure Log and a site called

The first step is to get your RSS feed URL. You can get this from your Adventure Log activity. First log into your Adventure Log and click on Activity.


After clicking on Activity, you then click on the RSS Feed button, which looks like an orange satellite wave.


On getting to this page, you’ll see the URL for this page, that’s your RSS Feed URL.


Now that you have the URL, you need to create an account at TwitterFeed.


After logging in, you then start to create your feed.


Starting your log you insert the RSS URL you obtained earlier and then you name it so you can recognize it in the Feed list. You also can set the interval of how often it checks for updates to it.


In the Advanced Settings you can set what shows up before and after the link, like #Runescape.


After you set what’s on the sending tweet, you then link up the services you want it sent to.


After setting the services, you confirm it and go back to your dashboard, and it’s ready to go!

Mobile Game Review – Blood Brothers 2

Blood Brothers 2 is a continuation in the Blood Brothers group, after the first being so successful. The game has a mix of the original game, plus some features of another variation that didn’t make it very far, Blood Battalion. Blood Battalion was a turn based strategy game using the same characters, but a different playstyle. The characters each moved on a map, and attacks were based on speed of the characters (like initiative). It would keep going this way until all units of one side were wiped out.

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Blood Brothers 2 is based on the similar style of the first, but instead of the map navigation popular with this game type, it worked off of a battle map of sorts. You can follow paths, but you chose where you wanted to go based on where your enemy was moving. This also builds up Tactics Pts that allow you to damage your enemy, with catapults or other weaponry. Combat occurs with the commanders of each unit fighting against the other unit, up to a max of 5 per side. Each fight can have only three fighting at a time, but the extra two is incase one is incapacitated. Different from the first is each unit is a certain type, like a combat triangle. Each one has a class and is good against another. This makes fights different as you may need to cover each combat type or take a risk and focus on one style per unit.

Overall I like the game, it’s different than the original, which I’m happy about. I’m still just starting in it but I’m moving on up, so I’ll definitely have more opinions on it later once I’ve done more.