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Steam Review – Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea_2017-02-16_16-12-30.png

Sunless Sea is Fallen London animated and focused on the zee. What is the zee you ask? Probably best you don’t know honestly, but I’ll tell you anyhow since you’re so curious.

The zee is the wide berth of water that your ship plys as it travels across to various locations, fending off pirates, living icebergs, various creatures and monsters, and maybe getting some interesting stuff done. Most of the locations are various locales maybe seen with the browser based game it is based from (like fungal chopping camps, tomb colonist towns, and other hidden tidbits). Your aim is to select aspects of yourself (affirmations are always fun) and your drive that sends you out to zee.


While you are in port or even sometimes while out at zee you will run into storylets, which are little conversations or actions that give you choices on how to take it on (or disregard it all together). Things that happen during the game (like being cursed by Salt for example) can influence how these events will resolve, so it’s helpful to keep in mind what it could possibly do. Overall it is a very fun game, it warns you that your first captain will most likely die (and they will, no doubt), so it takes some getting used to, but is very entertaining.


A video link is incoming soon, but as my stream was kinda hiccity I didn’t want to use that one, so I’ll have a simple recording done and uploaded.


A Different Sequence

Hey all! So as you probably noticed I haven’t updated fairly recently, mostly due to work, being tired, life, or also being addicted to the PS4 recently, heh… ^^; But I plan on rectifying that here and now! So what is going to happen is for this week, I have two mobile reviews coming, one for Pokémon Duel and the other for Fire Emblem Heroes. Once these two go thru the week after I’m putting up 3 Steam reviews! 😀 I haven’t done any recently so I figured it would be better time than any to start it up again. And you will help in this decision too :D. I have a StrawPoll you can vote on here to give a choice on which to vote on, so please let me know the top three games you want to see reviewed in that list. Once next week rolls around I’ll choose from it at that point so get them in by then!

For those that read these I do appreciate you checking it out occasionally (I can tell if they’re a bot or not lol) and hopefully this’ll kickstart it up again!