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Game Review: Coin Crypt

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted… my fault XD. So to restart it up, I’m going to do a first review on one of the games I’ve gotten recently :D. It’s definitely interesting, as per the gameplay.

Coin Crypt runs as a roguelike in your maps are always different, and no two games will ever be the same. But the mechanics of this game are much different than typical roguelikes. Most have you just plowing through killing everything you got by sword, magic, or what have you, but in Coin Crypt, your weaponry are coins! Each coin has different abilities, ranging from health restoration to stealing other coins, to doubling the use of coins. As well as this, each coin has a certain value so you can use these coins to purchase equipment within the mazes. The bigger decisions are though: do you use certain coins because they have good benefits or hold onto them for future value trades? It’s definitely your choice, as each one does differently.

I myself like to use coins when I get them, so I don’t limit myself per se, but I do hold onto higher value ones for more needed moments than just chucking them at the next enemy. As well as this I tend to try and use special coins when I’m better off and more direct damage/healing coins when I’m a bit loose.

Take a look if you want sometime, it’s a decent little game, and last I remember it’s not that expensive, so worth a try :o.

CoinCrypt1 CoinCrypt2