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Mains, Irons, and Classics Oh My!

Well I’ve been trying to catch up in Runescape, but work has been pretty busy lately, so I can play when I’m able. My progress hasn’t been too bad, while running my main character, I’m also trying to catch up my two Ironmen and my Classic character. So needless to say I got lots to do XD.

Main Character

Currently I’m working on getting 99 Attack, so I’ll have maxed out melee, then I may get a non-combat 99 next, possibly Firemaking since it’s next up in the amount of XP I’ve gained. I still need to do Broken Home, but I plan on getting that done soon, not to mention the Clue Rewards revamp tomorrow :D. Also there’s something else happening tomorrow, but you’ll see that on Twitter later… ;o


For my ironmen, I need to work on both, but as before, time constraints play a really big part in that :o. My first goal for both is to get probably all my skills to 20 and all the F2P quests finished since they’re F2P atm. Once I do that then I’ll start working on different skills to build up really high, possibly look for membership on one or both. Decisions later 😮


My Classic character has actually been built up some, and I’m curious on trying to do more with it, I think they’re more Ironmen than the current characters considering they’re hardly used :P. They’re rolling the same way as the ironmen are, just training stats and doing quests. Once I get done with most of the F2P quests I may start with some of the P2P and attempt the partnered ones, I got Shield of Arrav done, so I just need Heroes now :P.

Well aside from this, about all I got for my characters, now lets see if I can keep it going 😮


Wurkin’ Fer A Livin’

My first real life post, I know, bit odd but it has recently been a bit more invasive than usual :P. I’m in the midst of finding a solid job that doesn’t require me to work two or more jobs simultaneously, but it’s rather difficult considering my resume and the location I think. Little Rock does have a good selection of jobs, but as of recently I’ve been having trouble getting through to most, either I get turned down from the automated e-mail saying I should apply again later or get to the interview but it doesn’t cut it. It is a bit disconcerting, and has gotten me down at points, but I still try. Eventually I’ll get that guud job and not have to overstretch myself as much :o.

Currently I work at a retail grocery store as my primary job and do a paper route as my secondary. The paper route really just consists of working from 2:30a- around 5:30/6:00a usually, but being it’s at a time I’m normally in the bed surfing the web and conversing with you luverly peoples, it’s not fun :(. It does make a decent bit, so that I’m happy about, but it does burn you out being a daily thing, not to mention Sunday runs…

Aside from that, I went through some training recently for a private jet building company, I didn’t make it into the final 10 for consideration but I am slated to get into the next batch which is in January, so if I’m still searching around I have that to look forward to :). I do wish I had more free time though, not having as much does suck when I want to play but I can’t because I’m tired or having to do something D:. It’ll change soon though, I’m sure, so I keep mushing away!

Intro Post

Ohai :o. Well I created this blog to try (keyword there) to keep up with various things I’m doing, hopefully I’ll keep up with it, I think it would be fun, especially when I have tons of ideas and no one to share them with… but alas! Some important info:

Runescape: St  Squiggy

Ironman: Fe-Arless

HCIM: Isarno

Steam: stsquiggy

Those are the basic ways to connect to me, main ways anyways XD. I also do a lot of mobile gaming, so I may share what I’ve been playing occasionally to see if I may pique your interest sometime :D. Aside from that, this is all atm, I’ll probably divulge more later once I get writin’.