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Mobile Review -Warhammer 40k: Freeblade


Anyone who plays some tabletop games may have heard about Warhammer or some variation of it. Warhammer is a small scale army strategy game where your faction fights with another. The actual game is used with models and figures with dice and codexes, but there have been some good video games based off of it as well (one more notable being Dawn of War). Freeblade is one of the games made specifically for mobile, and is a type of dungeon runner. The process is you are a knight, which is a large mechanical walker imbued with the spirit of a fierce honorable warrior. You have an array of weaponry at your disposal and you are also towering over most opponents (unless they’re big demons or other walkers, then not so much XD).


You have the ability to customize your Knight with different weapons (also different types on each hardpoint), paint schemes, icons, and some physical differences. As well as this in addition to the normal campaign mode, there is additional missions you can do for more medals (which help you progress further) and patrols for more loot and specifically Patrol Medals (also used in conjunction with regular ones). There is also a multiplayer aspect that was added fairly recently that pits you against another Knight automatically controlled but fights based on weaponry. The weaponry and armor gained from the multiplayer games have Valor which is specific boosts to some influences that help your Knight or hinder others. Overall I’ve really liked the game although I was interested due to my preplaying of 40k years ago, but it is a fairly intense shooter, definitely appealing to those looking for action (and big stompy feet).

Freeblade Combat Video