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New Addition

So recently there’s been a change in my family, one for the better. I now have a daughter! Her name is Audrey, and she was born a week before my birthday. She is adorable and been a bundle of energy from the get go. The circumstances of how she is here now though is why the long silence. She is the daughter of my wife’s sister, but the boyfriend she had her with became abusive and was arrested. She did not feel she could take her as well due to having a 1 1/2 yr old and also being from him, so we offered to adopt her. She accepted and she was born, but we were unable to finish the adoption due to the intervention of the father. We are currently working to finish it soon as we don’t want to risk her falling into his possession. It will be long and hard, but we will fight for her because we love her this much. There will be more pictures and the like, just over time of course.