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Mobile Runereview – Ports Update

The addition to the Ports with weapons and new adventurers has freshened up the boating scene, bringing in more methods to access and more story. I haven’t had the ability to try out this new gear yet as I’m still trying to make the Workshop, but rest assured once I can I’ll be enjoying it. I’ve already got an outfit planned to go with the swords :D.


RuneReview – Hati & Skoll and RuneLabs

This ones a toofer scooper :o. As always in the beginning of the year, the wolves Hati and Skoll show up to wreak havoc on the Fremminik province, and it’s up to the players to knock them away. Hati had been the sole attacker for a couple years, until Skoll showed up on the scene fairly recently. They both want to chomp you down, but Skoll requires some coaxing to get him to show. And as always, after defeating the duo, you get some decorative items and bonus XP to boot. Now with Eir added to the mix, some more BXP is added bringing more benefits. The BXP has gotten toned down some, but it is still worth the brawl to get any extra XP for training.

RuneLabs was also released this week as a slight surprise, bringing the minds of the community to bear. I haven’t had a chance to submit anything just yet, but I do have a couple ideas in mind and seen a couple good ones to save and support later on. I do hope that RuneLabs will make for some interesting updates, it could put us in a position similar to IVP so maybe players would feel more secure in what is coming. I appreciate any and all updates Jagex has made, and possibly RuneLabs will enhance that further :o. So here’s to bigger and better updates!

Mobile Review – Ingress

I have to say I don’t think I’ve gotten into a game like Ingress like I did :o. The last game I’ve played that was similar was Age of Kingdoms (I think that’s what it was called), and it was interesting, but not as much so like this is.

Ingress is a position based MMO of sorts. What you do is basically there is energy floating around the world, called Exotic Matter or XM energy, and you join one of two factions. One believes this stuff will show mankind a better way, so they’re letting these entities called Shapers to come to earth to use it and change us. They’re the Enlightened. The other side is people who believe the Shapers are up to malicious reasons and want to use the XM energy against them. They are the Resistance.

The key to the game is to gather XM energy to use on portals, which generate this. Portals are typically located at interesting spots, landmarks, busy sections, things like these.


You capture these and create links to others, and these links once linked to another spot, create fields that as in the files say protect the humans from the control of the Shapers (or other faction). And if you find other faction’s portals, you can attack the resonators that are surrounding it to destabilize it and claim it as your own.

All in all it’s pretty fun, not to mention groups have made communities based on doing things together and coordinating with one another. A very different kind of playstyle than most games I’ve done :o.

RuneReview – Elemental Drop Tables

Well I have to say the drop tables for elementals and the like was interesting, it did have some differences but all together I didn’t luck out, Killerwatts and Dust Devils are still tightwads XD. I will have to say though that this will help slayers who are just hitting those levels and need some decent loot, I always liked what I got from Dusties, although most of it I definitely did without XD.


RuneReview – Boss Pets

It’s really late but eh, I’ma get it!

Taking into consideration the boss pets, I myself have had no luck (although all I’ve done so far is kill the KQ once…), but I’m definitely interested in getting some of these. I’m happy that they took a good idea from ’07 and applied it to RS3, even if it didn’t come from it, although I figure it did. I do know there are people who like ’07 better than the present, and seeing all these interesting ideas being implemented into it makes me think someday it’ll come to RS3 too, but you know it just takes time. You never know, we may be seeing even more come our way one day :o. There’s a chance they could apply some RS3 aspects to ’07, but as it’s done in a certain way, they will have to be selective on what they may try.

All in all, good update, definitely looking forward to some more like this in the future :D.

Better Updating Frequency

Since it seems I keep trailing off in updating this dang thing I think I’ll set myself a schedule I’ll try to adhere to (key word there XD). I do like to write, just have to get myself going with it to do it >.>. So, here’s what I think I’ll try to do with!

  • Specific Days
    • Wednesday – Runescape Update Opinion
    • Friday or Saturday – Game Review
    • Other days – posts as I think of’em 😮

If you have some other ideas on what I should post go ahead, I wouldn’t mind some more ideas :D.