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Mobile Game Review – Angry Birds Fight!

So, you’ve probably played some of the Angry Birds games, varying from the standard chuck and rain feathery death on piggy rapscallions to other variants like the adventure RPG that is Epic, but maybe you haven’t seen a match-3 combat influenced version? Well that is what Fight is all about.

The main point to Fight is to go from island to island beating down the pigs in battles, and then also fighting other birds to prove your strength and show who’s boss. The pigs generally show up as boat battles where gameplay flows similar to the main battles, but you work up your ship’s defenses as well as your bird’s attacks, and combine power to wail on the larger target in hopes of bringing him down before he sinks you to King Pig’s Locker. As you fight others and win, you get Fight points, which rank you in some way or fashion (I’m not 100% sure how they work exactly yet lol). You also get XP that levels your birds and increases their stats (Str, Def, and Speed). Occasionally if you are lucky you can get items from these fights that increase your bird’s power. The main boosts come from the slot, which is guarded by the Mighty Condor, and you use Gems to pay for a chance to get something stronger. You can buy these but I’ve found they come pretty freely from most events and completing the challenge stages after finishing the main stage. Battles against other birds I want to say is active, as I’ve had a couple fights where the other person went offline for some reason (I’ve disconnected a couple times, not by my choice though), so it lends credence that it is live. All in all though I find it fun, it’s pretty enjoyable for a fast finger flickin’ type of game, so it doesn’t get old since you have to keep on it to beat everyone else to a pulp :P. Here’s also a video that shows a battle in action to give you an idea.

Angry Birds Fight! Video


Game Review – The Battle Cats

Been awhile but I have been managing to get some posts going, got plenty to play and review, so lets get to it! One I’ve started so far is The Battle Cats. It is a constant war game similar to some war games on Kongregate where you send an endless tide of combatants towards the enemy base to wreck it. As you get further in you unlock other cats which have different abilities. Some have high attack power, others longer range, among different abilities. It is pretty fun, and if you save up Cat Food or buy (it is the premium currency in the game), you can get other cats that have good abilities too. I’ve been playing it here and there and collected some cat food, got one special cat which is pretty good (Ninja Cat), and running into the point where I need to train up and work on my troops. It is free so it’s pretty decent. The attached video should give some more visual on how a run typically will look like.

Battle Cats Video