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RuneReview – Lord of Vampyrium… and DarkScape!

Runescape continued with the next point in the dark, gloomy Myreque series with Lord of Vampyrium. As it is situated within Morytania, it already has the suggestion of being dark and creepy, but this quest put that into a magnified perspective. The majority of the quest is recon work originally, but once that breaks it gets into some more intense moments. If you love lore and how it works together then this quest will tear you up, because honestly after I finished it it felt that it was much more intense than I expected.


The second (and surprise) update was Darkscape! Apparently this was something long coming, but was kept under the shades by the teams to ensure it was something that would take the playerbase by surprise. And it definitely has thus far, just gauging from the reactions I’ve seen on Twitter and Reddit while getting some more information myself. It has a more serious tone and deathly inflection born into it, but something focused an the reborn aspect of PVP worlds tends to lean towards that. I’ve been able to test it somewhat until I got an error and it bumped me off, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Definitely looking forward to the next updates, maybe could look for something else unexpected? 😮


Game and RuneReview – Hammerwatch and Faster Combat

Double update this Wednesday! Since I fell behind, I decided to put the Runescape and game reviews together in one big fat entry.

First is Hammerwatch! A roguelike dungeon crawler, you choose your class, ranging from a Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and others and try to meet with your companions that are stranded on the other side of a bridge that goes out at the beginning of the game. You roam around the dungeon, murdering everything you run into, collecting keys to open doors, and coins to eventually upgrade your stats or abilities. You can also collect vendor coins which actually make purchases cheaper, which will help a lot in future purchases.


And now for the RuneReview! Combat got updated to be more responsive and less laggy. After talking to some of my clanmates and some in Twitterscape, I’ve gotten mixed reviews on what they think. For myself, I think that the update did a lot better, I use Revolution primarily and it is seamless in moving from one ability to another. Now I still need to use a familiar with this and try it as well, but just from the combat stance, it’s very nice. As for the aggressive monsters, I haven’t tested them yet, but it’s good that some of the more arrr monsters are menacing again.

RuneReview – Flash Demon Mobs Revamp

The Flash Demons got a slight upgrade to their power and loot capabilities, but thus far, they must be misers because from all of the ones I’ve fought I haven’t had much luck yet XD. Now that’s not to say I won’t get anything (although even though I did them before and haven’t gotten much…), but I’ll still try, one of those titles would be awesome to have I think :D.

If anyone is curious on fighting them, I wouldn’t mind joining some groups so we can take’em down together, strength in numbers and all that :P. If you would, just message me in-game, and we’ll get’em!

Mobile Runereview – Ports Update

The addition to the Ports with weapons and new adventurers has freshened up the boating scene, bringing in more methods to access and more story. I haven’t had the ability to try out this new gear yet as I’m still trying to make the Workshop, but rest assured once I can I’ll be enjoying it. I’ve already got an outfit planned to go with the swords :D.

RuneReview – Hati & Skoll and RuneLabs

This ones a toofer scooper :o. As always in the beginning of the year, the wolves Hati and Skoll show up to wreak havoc on the Fremminik province, and it’s up to the players to knock them away. Hati had been the sole attacker for a couple years, until Skoll showed up on the scene fairly recently. They both want to chomp you down, but Skoll requires some coaxing to get him to show. And as always, after defeating the duo, you get some decorative items and bonus XP to boot. Now with Eir added to the mix, some more BXP is added bringing more benefits. The BXP has gotten toned down some, but it is still worth the brawl to get any extra XP for training.

RuneLabs was also released this week as a slight surprise, bringing the minds of the community to bear. I haven’t had a chance to submit anything just yet, but I do have a couple ideas in mind and seen a couple good ones to save and support later on. I do hope that RuneLabs will make for some interesting updates, it could put us in a position similar to IVP so maybe players would feel more secure in what is coming. I appreciate any and all updates Jagex has made, and possibly RuneLabs will enhance that further :o. So here’s to bigger and better updates!

RuneReview – Elemental Drop Tables

Well I have to say the drop tables for elementals and the like was interesting, it did have some differences but all together I didn’t luck out, Killerwatts and Dust Devils are still tightwads XD. I will have to say though that this will help slayers who are just hitting those levels and need some decent loot, I always liked what I got from Dusties, although most of it I definitely did without XD.


RuneReview – Boss Pets

It’s really late but eh, I’ma get it!

Taking into consideration the boss pets, I myself have had no luck (although all I’ve done so far is kill the KQ once…), but I’m definitely interested in getting some of these. I’m happy that they took a good idea from ’07 and applied it to RS3, even if it didn’t come from it, although I figure it did. I do know there are people who like ’07 better than the present, and seeing all these interesting ideas being implemented into it makes me think someday it’ll come to RS3 too, but you know it just takes time. You never know, we may be seeing even more come our way one day :o. There’s a chance they could apply some RS3 aspects to ’07, but as it’s done in a certain way, they will have to be selective on what they may try.

All in all, good update, definitely looking forward to some more like this in the future :D.