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Mobile Review – Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a new addition to the SuperCell lineup of games, but this goes a different route than the typical base raid army builders that they have made out of CoC and Boom Beach. Royale runs in a similar method vaguely like MOBA, but instead of a main hero you are focused with, you instead make the army, and send them on their merry way to tear into your enemy. The main target is the central Crown Tower which is where the king sits on, and you have two smaller towers on either side that does the primary defenses. Sending  troops one after the other slowly whittling down the towers or sneakily getting to them is the main methods of winning.

The game runs first by gaining Elixir point by point maxing out at 10 and using this to create units. As the cost gets higher typically the unit gets better or higher quality (like 3 for Goblins and 6 for Giant), but this doesn’t always mean bigger is better. Sometimes having cheaper cards makes for easier deployment and quicker attacks, possibly leaving your rival scrambling to defend his tower. There are plenty of strategies, plus you can watch Royale TV which is a replay of higher ranking battlers duking it out to give you more ideas. Overall it is a fun game, definitely pleased with it and most likely will continue to play 😀

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Clash Royale Match Replay


Game Review: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I haven’t been able to keep up with this as well as I’ve been wanting to lately with new job and moving, but I do plan on to as well as I can!


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is an interesting game in the SqEnix line, as this takes the grandeur of the Final Fantasy franchise and lets you experience the series one frame at a time. The basis on the story is you are a keeper in this realm, and what keeps it protected is all of the ‘records’ of the past. When the records are all of a sudden disappearing, it’s up to the new Keeper (which is you) to go into these records and relive them, going back through and fixing them. As you go through the records, you gain people to help in fixing them. So you would see familiar faces like Cloud, Tifa, Cecil, and others. As well as this you collect equipment from every game. This equipment if you equip it to people of the same game (like the Protect Vest on Cloud), it actually works doubly better on them and provides more benefits. This isn’t as well used in the beginning, but you get more opportunities as you move along.


The gameplay is like a trip through a time portal, you go into the familar environments of these games, like the Mako Reactor of VII and Zanarkand of X. As well as this, you get to hear those familiar tunes of fight music from each game, tailored to that specific game. It’s a pretty fun game, and still fairly new, so there are new dungeons, expanding current dungeons, and events fairly frequently (as of this posting, it’s the Sector Showdown (VII) with Aerith as a prize).

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Intro Post

Ohai :o. Well I created this blog to try (keyword there) to keep up with various things I’m doing, hopefully I’ll keep up with it, I think it would be fun, especially when I have tons of ideas and no one to share them with… but alas! Some important info:

Runescape: St  Squiggy

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Those are the basic ways to connect to me, main ways anyways XD. I also do a lot of mobile gaming, so I may share what I’ve been playing occasionally to see if I may pique your interest sometime :D. Aside from that, this is all atm, I’ll probably divulge more later once I get writin’.