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Mobile Review – Seven Knights

Seven Knights_2016-03-23-02-14-40.png

Seven Knights is a game I ran into while spelunking around the Play Store just thinking of trying a different game but similar type of what I play now, and after seeing a preview on Facebook (that actually matched it…) it looked pretty interesting. It’s definitely not a bad progressive battle game (in the same line as Angry Birds Epic).

The basis of the game is you are a hero and the first experience is you charging through characters that know who you are and are trying to stop you, but you being the powerful fighter you instantly trained to be slapped everyone away until the end when you are piled and taken out, which takes you to the past when it all started. Your heroes slowly build up levels from fights and also fusing other fighters to them, which also increases their grade for fusing later. There are multiple modes, the main Adventure which is the story, and Battle which has different variations (against others and also pitting you against the AI in increasing step battles).

Seven Knights_2016-03-23-02-19-52

As many mobile games do, they do push hard on some MTX, but this is easily not needed as you get quite a bit free or with some effort. The battles themselves look great, abilities are fleshed out nicely (some a bit more extravagant than others) and you have control over their skills or can also set them up to automatically go in line with the auto attacks. It rolls pretty well together and could definitely have some draw for awhile. Not bad to try out if you have some interest.

Seven Knights Combat Video


Mobile Review – Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a new addition to the SuperCell lineup of games, but this goes a different route than the typical base raid army builders that they have made out of CoC and Boom Beach. Royale runs in a similar method vaguely like MOBA, but instead of a main hero you are focused with, you instead make the army, and send them on their merry way to tear into your enemy. The main target is the central Crown Tower which is where the king sits on, and you have two smaller towers on either side that does the primary defenses. Sending  troops one after the other slowly whittling down the towers or sneakily getting to them is the main methods of winning.

The game runs first by gaining Elixir point by point maxing out at 10 and using this to create units. As the cost gets higher typically the unit gets better or higher quality (like 3 for Goblins and 6 for Giant), but this doesn’t always mean bigger is better. Sometimes having cheaper cards makes for easier deployment and quicker attacks, possibly leaving your rival scrambling to defend his tower. There are plenty of strategies, plus you can watch Royale TV which is a replay of higher ranking battlers duking it out to give you more ideas. Overall it is a fun game, definitely pleased with it and most likely will continue to play 😀

IGN: StSquiggy

Clan: Homestar

Clash Royale Match Replay