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RuneReview – Lord of Vampyrium… and DarkScape!

Runescape continued with the next point in the dark, gloomy Myreque series with Lord of Vampyrium. As it is situated within Morytania, it already has the suggestion of being dark and creepy, but this quest put that into a magnified perspective. The majority of the quest is recon work originally, but once that breaks it gets into some more intense moments. If you love lore and how it works together then this quest will tear you up, because honestly after I finished it it felt that it was much more intense than I expected.


The second (and surprise) update was Darkscape! Apparently this was something long coming, but was kept under the shades by the teams to ensure it was something that would take the playerbase by surprise. And it definitely has thus far, just gauging from the reactions I’ve seen on Twitter and Reddit while getting some more information myself. It has a more serious tone and deathly inflection born into it, but something focused an the reborn aspect of PVP worlds tends to lean towards that. I’ve been able to test it somewhat until I got an error and it bumped me off, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Definitely looking forward to the next updates, maybe could look for something else unexpected? 😮