Thoughts From The Mind Of A Squig

Real Life

New Addition

So recently there’s been a change in my family, one for the better. I now have a daughter! Her name is Audrey, and she was born a week before my birthday. She is adorable and been a bundle of energy from the get go. The circumstances of how she is here now though is why the long silence. She is the daughter of my wife’s sister, but the boyfriend she had her with became abusive and was arrested. She did not feel she could take her as well due to having a 1 1/2 yr old and also being from him, so we offered to adopt her. She accepted and she was born, but we were unable to finish the adoption due to the intervention of the father. We are currently working to finish it soon as we don’t want to risk her falling into his possession. It will be long and hard, but we will fight for her because we love her this much. There will be more pictures and the like, just over time of course.


A Different Sequence

Hey all! So as you probably noticed I haven’t updated fairly recently, mostly due to work, being tired, life, or also being addicted to the PS4 recently, heh… ^^; But I plan on rectifying that here and now! So what is going to happen is for this week, I have two mobile reviews coming, one for Pokémon Duel and the other for Fire Emblem Heroes. Once these two go thru the week after I’m putting up 3 Steam reviews! 😀 I haven’t done any recently so I figured it would be better time than any to start it up again. And you will help in this decision too :D. I have a StrawPoll you can vote on here to give a choice on which to vote on, so please let me know the top three games you want to see reviewed in that list. Once next week rolls around I’ll choose from it at that point so get them in by then!

For those that read these I do appreciate you checking it out occasionally (I can tell if they’re a bot or not lol) and hopefully this’ll kickstart it up again!

A Big Step

Just recently I took a big step in my life and forged a bond with another. But this is no simple bond, this is one that has been building and growing stronger for ten years. The lady I called my fiance for the longest time is now my wife. We met back in ’06 on a different social media site and then in Runescape where we played together intensely for a good while. Although she isn’t near as active in Runescape as I am now, we still play together on an occasion. She has been with me thru anything and everything, and we value our friendship as being best friends who know each other inside and out, and now we will support one another always. I love her dearly and it definitely was a shocking move for our Facebook friends (they thought we were going to be engaged forever XD).

I love you Jekka, you will be in my heart forever.


College and the Future

This came to me earlier today while I was working on some coursework for the first week of my new class. Typically my classes run for five weeks, and each week we read over selected reading portions, answer discussion questions to participate, and do individual and team assignments. For the most part I can handle it all, even the team parts when some of them don’t quite work with you when you need them to. But nearing the end of my program, this class’s first individual assignment was a survey of the program itself. I filled it out as I felt, and thought about a couple of the questions.

Some asked do I think I am prepared to do these functions outside in the world, or have they taught me enough to do so. I feel they have done quite a bit, but the problem is I’m more of a face-to-face learner, never was much for the online portion. Especially by the fact that I’m bad at keeping motivated to keep up with my work and other aspects. I have the knowledge, but not so much as the actual application in the real world itself. I worry that even though I know about everything, I won’t be able to use it as well when I try to work with jobs or other places involving my field. It may be just one of those “roll with the punches” kind of moments, but I’m hoping that it does work smoothly. I don’t want all of what I’ve done to be for naught because I don’t know it enough.

At any rate, I’m still studying away and trying to understand it all, and still gunning for a job that relates to it so I can put it to some good use, so lets hope all that falls into place sooner rather than later!

Wurkin’ Fer A Livin’

My first real life post, I know, bit odd but it has recently been a bit more invasive than usual :P. I’m in the midst of finding a solid job that doesn’t require me to work two or more jobs simultaneously, but it’s rather difficult considering my resume and the location I think. Little Rock does have a good selection of jobs, but as of recently I’ve been having trouble getting through to most, either I get turned down from the automated e-mail saying I should apply again later or get to the interview but it doesn’t cut it. It is a bit disconcerting, and has gotten me down at points, but I still try. Eventually I’ll get that guud job and not have to overstretch myself as much :o.

Currently I work at a retail grocery store as my primary job and do a paper route as my secondary. The paper route really just consists of working from 2:30a- around 5:30/6:00a usually, but being it’s at a time I’m normally in the bed surfing the web and conversing with you luverly peoples, it’s not fun :(. It does make a decent bit, so that I’m happy about, but it does burn you out being a daily thing, not to mention Sunday runs…

Aside from that, I went through some training recently for a private jet building company, I didn’t make it into the final 10 for consideration but I am slated to get into the next batch which is in January, so if I’m still searching around I have that to look forward to :). I do wish I had more free time though, not having as much does suck when I want to play but I can’t because I’m tired or having to do something D:. It’ll change soon though, I’m sure, so I keep mushing away!