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Game Review – Kingdom Hearts Unchained


Kingdom Hearts Unchained is a mobile offshoot of the Kingdom Hearts universe, but still manages to have a good relation to the storyline of each game. The aspect of the game is that you are one of the chosen for the keyblades, and you are fighting off the darkness in each of the worlds. You don’t see many of the actual characters from the series in person, but they come up frequently as medals, which is shown below.


The gameplay is similar to the hack-n-slash progress, you go thru the entire stage and tear everything and everyone up. You have the option to avoid battles and just head straight for the target they name in the beginning, but the missions they lay out for each stage steers you more towards finishing them off rather than avoiding. Once you finish off the enemy in question you are successful and then get rewarded with all of the things you find sparkling on the ground and as rewards from sealed chests that open at the end of a stage.

Most of your customization actually comes in keyblades and clothing. Your keyblades get stronger with the medals you attach to them, affinity with slots for multipliers and also quality of these medals influence this too. Your clothing is thru an avatar board. This board gives you the base outfit and as you use Avatar Coins you unlock other pieces of it and also get extra benefits that build on your character. This not only applies to ones of your own gender (they have one for each), you can fill both out and unlock bonuses and clothing for all.


It’s definitely a fun game overall, it has the design of the Kingdom Hearts series and follows a storyline close to the games themselves.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Video


Game Review – bit Dungeon II

bit Dungeon II is a continuation of the original that I played on Kongregate long ago. When I found out about the second I was piqued as I really liked the original, it was hard as hell at times lol. The second does just as well, but does have some additional bits that brings it up a notch.

The game is based on the original aspect of the first, you are avenging your loved one and fighting your way out. You run across the landscape, coming across many various lands and enemies. Most have typical creatures that also have a larger variant or even special great creatures, different from the smaller varieties. But one thing particular with each realm is the dungeon. Each dungeon has a randomly generated setup that you must roll through until you reach the boss at the end. Once you slap them silly you go into another room and find some loot, usually a higher rarity item that will help you greatly.

The game is based on two lives. You have one which is signified by the heart at the top left and it will be a bright blue (which is like you oddly enough). When you ‘die’, you reappear by a campfire which you can sleep by to get a shot of your stats and a health refill. If you die again and you do not have another life (bright heart) then your game is over. If you do die you can actually go and recover your heart and still continue on if you make it back out. Usually I’ve been able to go and recover it but on occasion it was dangerous to go back and get it.

Overall I like the game, it’s really fun and I enjoy it just as much as I did the first. It wasn’t bad priced either when I got it (forgot how much though). Definitely an interesting one if you have the extra time for it!

bit Dungeon II Video

Mobile Review – Seven Knights

Seven Knights_2016-03-23-02-14-40.png

Seven Knights is a game I ran into while spelunking around the Play Store just thinking of trying a different game but similar type of what I play now, and after seeing a preview on Facebook (that actually matched it…) it looked pretty interesting. It’s definitely not a bad progressive battle game (in the same line as Angry Birds Epic).

The basis of the game is you are a hero and the first experience is you charging through characters that know who you are and are trying to stop you, but you being the powerful fighter you instantly trained to be slapped everyone away until the end when you are piled and taken out, which takes you to the past when it all started. Your heroes slowly build up levels from fights and also fusing other fighters to them, which also increases their grade for fusing later. There are multiple modes, the main Adventure which is the story, and Battle which has different variations (against others and also pitting you against the AI in increasing step battles).

Seven Knights_2016-03-23-02-19-52

As many mobile games do, they do push hard on some MTX, but this is easily not needed as you get quite a bit free or with some effort. The battles themselves look great, abilities are fleshed out nicely (some a bit more extravagant than others) and you have control over their skills or can also set them up to automatically go in line with the auto attacks. It rolls pretty well together and could definitely have some draw for awhile. Not bad to try out if you have some interest.

Seven Knights Combat Video

Mobile Review – Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a new addition to the SuperCell lineup of games, but this goes a different route than the typical base raid army builders that they have made out of CoC and Boom Beach. Royale runs in a similar method vaguely like MOBA, but instead of a main hero you are focused with, you instead make the army, and send them on their merry way to tear into your enemy. The main target is the central Crown Tower which is where the king sits on, and you have two smaller towers on either side that does the primary defenses. Sending  troops one after the other slowly whittling down the towers or sneakily getting to them is the main methods of winning.

The game runs first by gaining Elixir point by point maxing out at 10 and using this to create units. As the cost gets higher typically the unit gets better or higher quality (like 3 for Goblins and 6 for Giant), but this doesn’t always mean bigger is better. Sometimes having cheaper cards makes for easier deployment and quicker attacks, possibly leaving your rival scrambling to defend his tower. There are plenty of strategies, plus you can watch Royale TV which is a replay of higher ranking battlers duking it out to give you more ideas. Overall it is a fun game, definitely pleased with it and most likely will continue to play 😀

IGN: StSquiggy

Clan: Homestar

Clash Royale Match Replay

RuneReview – Lord of Vampyrium… and DarkScape!

Runescape continued with the next point in the dark, gloomy Myreque series with Lord of Vampyrium. As it is situated within Morytania, it already has the suggestion of being dark and creepy, but this quest put that into a magnified perspective. The majority of the quest is recon work originally, but once that breaks it gets into some more intense moments. If you love lore and how it works together then this quest will tear you up, because honestly after I finished it it felt that it was much more intense than I expected.


The second (and surprise) update was Darkscape! Apparently this was something long coming, but was kept under the shades by the teams to ensure it was something that would take the playerbase by surprise. And it definitely has thus far, just gauging from the reactions I’ve seen on Twitter and Reddit while getting some more information myself. It has a more serious tone and deathly inflection born into it, but something focused an the reborn aspect of PVP worlds tends to lean towards that. I’ve been able to test it somewhat until I got an error and it bumped me off, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Definitely looking forward to the next updates, maybe could look for something else unexpected? 😮

Mobile Game Review – Angry Birds Fight!

So, you’ve probably played some of the Angry Birds games, varying from the standard chuck and rain feathery death on piggy rapscallions to other variants like the adventure RPG that is Epic, but maybe you haven’t seen a match-3 combat influenced version? Well that is what Fight is all about.

The main point to Fight is to go from island to island beating down the pigs in battles, and then also fighting other birds to prove your strength and show who’s boss. The pigs generally show up as boat battles where gameplay flows similar to the main battles, but you work up your ship’s defenses as well as your bird’s attacks, and combine power to wail on the larger target in hopes of bringing him down before he sinks you to King Pig’s Locker. As you fight others and win, you get Fight points, which rank you in some way or fashion (I’m not 100% sure how they work exactly yet lol). You also get XP that levels your birds and increases their stats (Str, Def, and Speed). Occasionally if you are lucky you can get items from these fights that increase your bird’s power. The main boosts come from the slot, which is guarded by the Mighty Condor, and you use Gems to pay for a chance to get something stronger. You can buy these but I’ve found they come pretty freely from most events and completing the challenge stages after finishing the main stage. Battles against other birds I want to say is active, as I’ve had a couple fights where the other person went offline for some reason (I’ve disconnected a couple times, not by my choice though), so it lends credence that it is live. All in all though I find it fun, it’s pretty enjoyable for a fast finger flickin’ type of game, so it doesn’t get old since you have to keep on it to beat everyone else to a pulp :P. Here’s also a video that shows a battle in action to give you an idea.

Angry Birds Fight! Video

Game Review – The Battle Cats

Been awhile but I have been managing to get some posts going, got plenty to play and review, so lets get to it! One I’ve started so far is The Battle Cats. It is a constant war game similar to some war games on Kongregate where you send an endless tide of combatants towards the enemy base to wreck it. As you get further in you unlock other cats which have different abilities. Some have high attack power, others longer range, among different abilities. It is pretty fun, and if you save up Cat Food or buy (it is the premium currency in the game), you can get other cats that have good abilities too. I’ve been playing it here and there and collected some cat food, got one special cat which is pretty good (Ninja Cat), and running into the point where I need to train up and work on my troops. It is free so it’s pretty decent. The attached video should give some more visual on how a run typically will look like.

Battle Cats Video

Game Review: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I haven’t been able to keep up with this as well as I’ve been wanting to lately with new job and moving, but I do plan on to as well as I can!


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is an interesting game in the SqEnix line, as this takes the grandeur of the Final Fantasy franchise and lets you experience the series one frame at a time. The basis on the story is you are a keeper in this realm, and what keeps it protected is all of the ‘records’ of the past. When the records are all of a sudden disappearing, it’s up to the new Keeper (which is you) to go into these records and relive them, going back through and fixing them. As you go through the records, you gain people to help in fixing them. So you would see familiar faces like Cloud, Tifa, Cecil, and others. As well as this you collect equipment from every game. This equipment if you equip it to people of the same game (like the Protect Vest on Cloud), it actually works doubly better on them and provides more benefits. This isn’t as well used in the beginning, but you get more opportunities as you move along.


The gameplay is like a trip through a time portal, you go into the familar environments of these games, like the Mako Reactor of VII and Zanarkand of X. As well as this, you get to hear those familiar tunes of fight music from each game, tailored to that specific game. It’s a pretty fun game, and still fairly new, so there are new dungeons, expanding current dungeons, and events fairly frequently (as of this posting, it’s the Sector Showdown (VII) with Aerith as a prize).

wpid-2015-04-05-22-11-47.png wpid-2015-04-19-17-50-34.png wpid-2015-04-19-17-56-25.png

Game and RuneReview – Hammerwatch and Faster Combat

Double update this Wednesday! Since I fell behind, I decided to put the Runescape and game reviews together in one big fat entry.

First is Hammerwatch! A roguelike dungeon crawler, you choose your class, ranging from a Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, and others and try to meet with your companions that are stranded on the other side of a bridge that goes out at the beginning of the game. You roam around the dungeon, murdering everything you run into, collecting keys to open doors, and coins to eventually upgrade your stats or abilities. You can also collect vendor coins which actually make purchases cheaper, which will help a lot in future purchases.


And now for the RuneReview! Combat got updated to be more responsive and less laggy. After talking to some of my clanmates and some in Twitterscape, I’ve gotten mixed reviews on what they think. For myself, I think that the update did a lot better, I use Revolution primarily and it is seamless in moving from one ability to another. Now I still need to use a familiar with this and try it as well, but just from the combat stance, it’s very nice. As for the aggressive monsters, I haven’t tested them yet, but it’s good that some of the more arrr monsters are menacing again.

College and the Future

This came to me earlier today while I was working on some coursework for the first week of my new class. Typically my classes run for five weeks, and each week we read over selected reading portions, answer discussion questions to participate, and do individual and team assignments. For the most part I can handle it all, even the team parts when some of them don’t quite work with you when you need them to. But nearing the end of my program, this class’s first individual assignment was a survey of the program itself. I filled it out as I felt, and thought about a couple of the questions.

Some asked do I think I am prepared to do these functions outside in the world, or have they taught me enough to do so. I feel they have done quite a bit, but the problem is I’m more of a face-to-face learner, never was much for the online portion. Especially by the fact that I’m bad at keeping motivated to keep up with my work and other aspects. I have the knowledge, but not so much as the actual application in the real world itself. I worry that even though I know about everything, I won’t be able to use it as well when I try to work with jobs or other places involving my field. It may be just one of those “roll with the punches” kind of moments, but I’m hoping that it does work smoothly. I don’t want all of what I’ve done to be for naught because I don’t know it enough.

At any rate, I’m still studying away and trying to understand it all, and still gunning for a job that relates to it so I can put it to some good use, so lets hope all that falls into place sooner rather than later!