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Mobile Review – Soccer Spirits

Haven’t had a review in awhile, so lets put it into gear with a mobile review! A game I’ve played on and off recently is Soccer Spirits (was 2 I think originally, but now it’s just listed as Soccer Spirits). A game all about soccer… but intergalatic! The game itself has a pretty interesting storyline, a high school team that loves soccer meets up with a smaller rabbit character named Littre. He is the gatekeeper for this region of the galaxy, and after getting information from an unknown source (which is the first person you see when you start and you correlate it later on) feels that the world, or even the galaxy itself is in danger. And the only people who can save it possibly is your group. They don’t believe it at first but after some convincing and actual visual of it all it hits them at that point it’s probably serious.

The gameplay is based loosely on cards (I say loosely only because it’s not actual cards per-say but more of their actual pictures and that it is not based on turns) and enhancing these cards to make them stronger. They have different stats for each kind of player (some are better at guarding, stealing, and shooting for example) and these affect how they play. There are also different elements so that you can either mix-n-match or use a same team element (some leader skills benefit one element than multiple ones). Characters are gained from Friend Points (FP) or Crystals, which are the premium currency. Crystals are actually fairly easy to get from Achievements (daily and one-time), quests, and some events. From my draws Crystals do give fairly good players, but I’ve only had a couple actual good draws than doing it via FP.


Now these have good showing for a game, but there is one slight fault. There is a fair amount of fan-service in the game, not directly but most female characters are… uh well developed? Aside from this the remainder of the game is pretty fun, and the PvP aspect is interesting. It’s not directly interacting with someone but you can tell when it’s not just a story team fighting you and this team has been crafted.

Video of Soccer Spirits

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