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Mobile Review – Metal Slug Attack


Murder, mayhem, lots of guns, oh and aliens. That pretty much sums up Metal Slug, and Metal Slug Attack brings these elements together in a war of attrition with whoever has the bigger more shootier army wins. The game is played with the aim to break the base of your enemy by overwhelming their soldiers and finally destroying the base itself. While the aim is simple, it does get complicated at times. If you are a fan of the Metal Slug series then you will appreciate all of the characters, enemies, and other tidbits that bring you back to all of the screaming, explodyness you remember.

Screenshot_20170317-021506The majority of the screens are for different sections. One space is for enhancing your units with funds to beef them up, items to give them more statistical benefits and also the ability to ‘evolve’ a unit by upping their rarity and getting them another star. There’s more features you unlock as you get higher in level, which you get XP by completing the campaign mode or also fighting other players in PVP and getting XP for a victory or minimal gains for losing. Myself I haven’t done everything just yet, but I am slowly unlocking all of the extra things. At the time there is a beginner’s campaign that is running that will get you some boosts until a certain level threshold, things like good login bonuses and other helpful tidbits that will help you while going thru the different missions.


Your group consists of the characters you get from the random crank (which is the character draw among other items at times), you can reorder them at any point and you also get to choose your ‘limit break’ (what I call it) which charges over time during the fight and damages the enemy fairly heavily. There is strategy in choosing who to use as the higher AP characters are harder to deploy (you have to build up your total threshold and gain of AP) but they do have very good benefits, so either small AP armies to overwhelm or high AP units to juggernaut your way through enemy lines. I have a decent mix myself for slowly building up and then using the bigger units to start to tear thru their thicker ranks.

Overall the game is pretty fun, the art style still goes on point from the series, and it’s just as chaotic as you would expect. Take a look at some matches going thru campaign mode for an example.

Metal Slug Attack Stages


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