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Steam Review – Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Halcyon6 3_19_2017 12_52_49 AM

This was a recent purchase but just as good since it’s about all I’ve played just recently :o. Halcyon 6 is a strategy turn based combat game based on surviving, talking to other races, and collecting a lot of st00f. The story starts off as you being part of the Federation starbase Halcyon 6. From what you know the starbase is old as all get out and has technology that apparently is not fully understood as of yet. A patrol had left the starbase under concern from a transmission that was sent about an incursion. Upon arriving you find hostile creatures and are thrown into your first battle. It is pretty straightforward and it helps you understand how combat goes, but with the results shows just how quick you have to start working.

Halcyon6 3_19_2017 12_53_55 AM

Your primary objective at first is to get the grasp of what Halcyon 6 can do, and then to collect the necessary materials to create the rooms and also to build other items needed for fleets and defenses. Your captains (the portraits on the bottom of the screen) can pilot one ship each and they have their own group of greenshirts (just think Star Trek lol) and they also work on specific tasks laid out in the locations and Halcyon 6 itself. Depending on their understanding of their specific type (Tactical, Engineering, or Science) it may take longer or shorter based on their proficiency.  Eventually you can also automate their functions so you don’t have to manually send out a fleet each time to collect the resources.

Halcyon6 3_19_2017 12_54_08 AMHalcyon6 3_19_2017 12_54_51 AM

Combat is straightforward as well, each of your captains have abilities, in space combat and on foot, and these are used to cause damage, heal your allies, protection, or many other options. Some can also cause status effects that if used in conjunction with other ottacks that exploit the damage can do some major pain. It’s a balance between having power and also having options to heal and keep your ships alive.

Overall the game is great, loved playing thru it (past the main store, now in the after endgame bit?) and think it would appeal with many people. Here’s a video as well of combat scenes for both space and foot to show a difference between them.

Combat Video – Halcyon 6


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