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Mobile Review – Pokemon Duel


In addition to Pokemon Go the company had surprised us with another game fairly quickly: Pokemon Duel! The gist of Duel is your Pokemon are figures, and they are used on a gameboard. The board is setup with two entry points which are the corners closest to you and your base space which is the colored flag spot nearest to your bench. Your aim is to either claim the base space or block entry to your opponent so they cannot pull anyone else out.


Now the strategy for this can be pretty intense as each Pokemon has a wheel which dictates what kind of action it’ll take. There are 4 main colors: White, which is a normal attack; Blue, which usually works with evasion; Purple, which is a special attack; and Gold, which is a special as well but can trump Purple. The wheel decisions are done automatically, so when you tap it it stops both wheels at once and what it shows is the results (unless a move respins it to something else or builds up damage [Fury Swipes for example]).


As well as this the movement on the board plays a role as well as you can surround a Pokemon to knock it out and there are multiple paths to take to get to the base space or entry points. Overall there is definitely a pretty intense strategy you will find with this, and if you like board games with different aspects then this will be up your alley. The last point in preparation is plates, which look like cards. These plates are used like items during Pokemon games, boosts to damage from X Damage, Antidote to cure poison, or even a Respin if you think you need one that turn. There are different variations and rarities for these as well.

MTX in the game isn’t very heavy, and you can get a good hunk of Gems from either login bonuses or just going thru the quest line. As well as this there is a PvP system that pits you against others to see who is craftier. Fans of the Pokemon genre will get some interest in the game, but I believe primarily those that like strategy more-so will enjoy it more. Here is a video of an actual PvP match to give you an idea of what a game looks like.

(Video Link is coming)


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