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Game Review – bit Dungeon II

bit Dungeon II is a continuation of the original that I played on Kongregate long ago. When I found out about the second I was piqued as I really liked the original, it was hard as hell at times lol. The second does just as well, but does have some additional bits that brings it up a notch.

The game is based on the original aspect of the first, you are avenging your loved one and fighting your way out. You run across the landscape, coming across many various lands and enemies. Most have typical creatures that also have a larger variant or even special great creatures, different from the smaller varieties. But one thing particular with each realm is the dungeon. Each dungeon has a randomly generated setup that you must roll through until you reach the boss at the end. Once you slap them silly you go into another room and find some loot, usually a higher rarity item that will help you greatly.

The game is based on two lives. You have one which is signified by the heart at the top left and it will be a bright blue (which is like you oddly enough). When you ‘die’, you reappear by a campfire which you can sleep by to get a shot of your stats and a health refill. If you die again and you do not have another life (bright heart) then your game is over. If you do die you can actually go and recover your heart and still continue on if you make it back out. Usually I’ve been able to go and recover it but on occasion it was dangerous to go back and get it.

Overall I like the game, it’s really fun and I enjoy it just as much as I did the first. It wasn’t bad priced either when I got it (forgot how much though). Definitely an interesting one if you have the extra time for it!

bit Dungeon II Video


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